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We love completing custom home renovations that you want to show off.

We are specialists in custom interior home renovations and ensure that your property value increases while still maintaining its individuality. As a result, our client’s receive Pinterest-worthy spaces that they are proud to call home. We focus on whole home renovations or larger projects such as main floor transformations, kitchens and basements. We design and build truly unique and high quality rooms that will add enjoyment and increase the value of your home.

We take on a limited amount of home renovation projects a year so contact us today to see if our team is a good fit for your project!

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No longer will you scroll through Instagram, Houzz or Pinterest dreaming of seemingly unattainable dream homes. Our team of residential design build experts are ready to help you get started on your custom home renovation.


Most frequent questions and answers about custom home renovation projects.

Each home renovation varies. We can work within most budgets and we can get you some preliminary pricing once we see the project and what it entails. The same project can be done on a budget or done to a high level without changing the size; the largest determining factors for that variation are equipment costs and the level of finishes selected. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Typically, you can expect 4 weeks for residential interior design and 10-14 weeks for construction, but these numbers will vary depending on the needs of your unique home renovation project. There are often things we cannot control, for example the delivery of materials chosen is often a large factor, but we do our best to have your space in operation as soon as possible.

We are able to support your home renovation with design, construction, or both!  Our team is professionally trained in both avenues and can tackle what your project requires. We are happy to chat about how we can best support you in your endeavours.

You will receive a set of complete set of working drawings for your home reno – which includes everything required when applying for permitting and to complete the construction. This includes plumbing layout and selections, lighting layout and selections, finish schedules (this is the details of all your flooring, paint, tile, etc), furniture layout plan, elevation details that detail features and millwork and any other drawings required to fully explain the drawing to the permit or construction crew.

We are here to ensure that your home renovation runs smoothly. Much of the project’s success is determined in the planning portion. Our designers and general contractors help project manage to ensure your home renovation follows all building codes, functions for your needs and is finished beautifully. We have an established group of trusted trades that will complete your project to a high degree of finishing where the details, price and timeline can all be met.