Rivet's Year in Review

It’s hard to believe we are already wrapping up another year! 2018 was a big year for Rivet Management. We had the opportunity to work on over 25 unique projects in both the commercial and residential space.

This year, we spent a significant amount of time not only working in the business, but working on the business. We focused heavily on developing our marketing strategy, which included ramping up our social media and launching our brand new website!

In the commercial space, we had some amazing projects with even better clients. Some of our projects included:


Emerald Hills Eye Care

Emerald Hills Eye Care began as an empty 2500 sq. ft shell space. In this project, Rivet Management completed both the design and the construction which included custom furniture, custom millwork, furniture selections, plumbing, electrical, gas, flooring, paint and specialty equipment installations.

There is so much we love about the space and it’s transformation. From an eyeglass lab in the reception area that allows clients to see their glasses being made in real-time to the bold, unconventional colours to showcase the fun and relaxed environment. We worked with local vendors, including Village Craft Co to create unique feature display shelves that brand the space in a unique way.

Common Ground Community Cafe

We were so honoured to be asked to work with Common Ground again on their second location opening in 2019. We can’t wait to get this exciting project underway!

See our prior work with them here:

In addition, we were also given the ability to work our creative magic on a number of spaces that included a very traditional design, a mid-century modern home and other unique projects.

2018, thank you for being an amazing year for us!

Here’s What’s Happening in 2019

  • We are launching our workshop series with Alberta Women Entrepreneurs in January and February.

  • We are hiring! More on that very soon!

  • We have some super exciting commercial renovations coming up including work with Enbridge, a veterinary clinic and more.

  • We will soon have a space to call our own!

We thank our clients, family and friends for their dedicated support to us and our growing company.

We can’t wait for 2019!