It's Not Just About the Food! How Instagram is Changing the Restaurant Game

Headquarters Restaurant + Bar in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Looking for a new go-to spot for after work cocktails? Want to try out the latest Sunday brunch restaurant? How about a spot for a well-deserved night out? Where we would once head to google to do our detective work, we now find ourselves heading straight to our favourite app, Instagram, to see what local restaurants we should add to our must-try list!

According to an article by The Independent UK, 18-35 year-olds spend 5 whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30% would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak. Not only can a strong presence be beneficial to your business, but not having one can be equally as damaging!

In a time where people are sharing their opinions (and lives) online, it’s key to have a space that inspires people to spread the word! Good lighting, fun colours & wallpaper, clever neon signs & custom tile are just some of the factors that make a space “instagrammable”.

Ask yourself– Does your backdrop entice people to raise a glass and share a boomerang? Does the lighting make our space look bright and airy? What part of your space creates a lasting impression? Would this cheeky sign inspire people to take a photo in front of it? Is your bathroom mirror-selfie ready? (let’s dive into this another time – stay tuned) We kept this in mind when we transformed Headquarters Restaurant & Bar in Sherwood Park. The vision of this space was to cater to existing clientele while attracting a new dinner crowd within the community. We partnered with local vendors, including E2 Designs and YEG Woodworks to add character and truly brand the newly renovated restaurant. Read more about this remodel on our website

We work with businesses to increase profits by creating a purposefully branded, unique and memorable environment. You need a team that has the know-how, connections and expertise to stand out from the crowd. That is why Savvy-owners, who also crave peace of mind, retain Rivet to lead their projects. You know they’ll talk about the food – let’s make sure they’re talking about the space and the experience, too!

Rivet Management knows how to create the restaurant of your dreams while ensuring style and functionality are top priority. 

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