With the Alberta government releasing details of their proposed relaunch strategy, now is the time to begin planning for your business’s re-opening.

With a phased approach, the start date for each business will be determined by the success of the phase before it. However, ensuring that you are proactive and ready for your customers come opening day will help keep your business running smoothly, without any further interruptions to service and cash flow.

Here are a few things you can do now to prepare your business for relaunch.

Sanitization and Cleaning

Whether you have a medical office, an optometry clinic, a veterinary clinic or a restaurant, having proper sanitization and cleaning done in your commercial space is a must. We recommend hiring a professional to come in and thoroughly disinfect your place of work. There are a few great local companies that are offering incentives for local businesses right now. They include Ultra Shine, Duty Cleaners and EcoVortex.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

According to the Environmental Protection Agency , people spend about 80-90% of their time indoors. Add in COVID-19, and this number has increased in the last six weeks. Health risks related to indoor air quality may be greater than those caused by outdoor air pollution.

Workplace exposures to bacteria, chemicals, dust particles or smoke may all present health-related issues. People generally notice their symptoms after several hours at work and feel better after they have left the building or when they have been away from the building for a weekend or a vacation.

Now is a great time to have an air quality test done in your commercial space and make any necessary adjustments prior to your re-open. A few local companies that offer air quality testing include Trinuck Properties, Admirable Inspections and Inspecus.

Commercial Improvement and Upgrades

If you were considering changing the layout of your restaurant, upgrading your existing kitchen, updating your waiting room or making simple tenant improvements, now is the time to consider making these changes.. Use this time while your employees are working from home and your clients and customers are away from your business to update your space, and be ready to welcome your customers with open arms. This would also reduce any downtime for your business in the future.

We are here to help! Rivet Management specializes in creating branded commercial spaces for clients, including dental and medical clinics, tenant improvements and restaurants. Rivet’s expert team takes care of you through the design build process and helps ensure your space reflects your brand. If you’re in the greater Edmonton area and looking to improve your space and get back to business, we are here to help.

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